About – Amaicon


What is Amaicon?

Amaicon is an Anime convention hosted in Indanapolis, Indiana.


In 2016, a group of experienced convention volunteers and staff came together with a common goal of establishing a convention that reflected our love of having an enjoyable convention experience. In spite of our differences, we all agreed that some of our fondest memories come from those conventions. For us, Amaicon became the opportunity for a fresh start and the first opportunity in which we’ve possessed the freedom to design a convention that reflects our unabashed love of the anime & gaming community.

We selected a slogan that reflected that symbolic fresh start; “Your story starts here”. For the Amaicon staff; the passion, dedication, and hard work that goes into making Amaicon succeed is the story we tell our friends and family. Our goal is to provide our community with a convention experience that reflects the “Start Here” mentality. We strive to give our community a lifetime of exciting and fun stories that can be shared. As we grow, we want your story to grow with us. Amaicon; Your story starts here.


Wyndham Indianapolis West
2544 Executive Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241

For more information, check out our hotel information page.



  • Dates; October 12-14
  • Hotel location; Wyndham West, Indianapolis Indiana
  • Guest list: Samantha Inoue-Harte, Dallas Reid, Jill Harris, Andrea Caprotti, Morgan Berry, Unseen Gosplay, SakuraShounen, Ragdoll Prince, Golden Auriel
  • Attendance; TBD
  • Sponsors for 2018


  • Previous dates; Nov 10-12
  • Previous hotel location; Wyndham West, Indianapolis Indiana
  • Previous guest list; Morgan Berry, Kate Oxley, Nicolas Roye, CDawgVA, Mogchelle
  • Attendance; 650