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Thank you for your interest in being a panelist at Amaicon! This page is for anyone who wants to host a panel at Amaicon.

How to Apply?

  1. Read the updated panelist rules.
  2. Read the updated check-in procedure.
  3. Follow the sign up link to submit your panel.

Panelist Rules

  1. Panels are registered for ONE or TWO PEOPLE. This means that they are the head panelist and (if you bring a second person) the assistant panelist. Any other panel members are ineligible for any compensation that the head/assistant panelist may receive.
  2. All panelists are responsible for:
    1. Checking in
    2. Starting your panel on time
    3. Setting up and tearing down your panel
      • If you need to move chairs around in the panel rooms, you must take that out of your panel time. You are required to set the room back to the way it was when you entered it. Failure to do so could result in panel being denied the following year
    4. Ensuring that the proper age requirements are in place.
      • You have until the final panel confirmation is sent out to submit changes. Anything after will not be honored and if we have to we will end your panel.
    5. Keeping the audience engaged and under control
    6. Ensuring their panel can run without internet access, as that is not something that is guaranteed.
  3. All 18+ panels must:
    1. ID checks are REQUIRED. Our safety team will be checking attendees and panelists
    2. All 18+ panels must be run by someone that is at least 18 years of age
    3. Attendees are not required to participate in panels. If they are, the panel will be canceled
  4. All ages panels must:
    1. These are family friendly and contain no adult or mature humor, content, or foul language
  5. Equipment rules:
    1. Panelist are prohibited from touching the technology in any and all panel rooms. This includes the projector, the speakers, and the lights. If there is an issue, let the person sitting outside the door checking badges contact our Con-Ops staff. We will quickly come to assist you. The exception to this is the microphones and the cables to hook up your laptop to the projector.
    2. Do not assume that we have all of the necessary adaptors for your equipment. You need to be prepared to bring your own adaptors.
      • This specifically refers to HDMI
  6. Times
    1. The time that we put your panel down on the final schedule is set. Unless there is an emergency, we will not change the schedule. Plenty of communication will be in place to ensure that your panel is at a time for that works great for you. If you do not put in time restrictions or requests on the panel submission form, we may not be able to honor them.
  7. Panelist Party sizes:
    1. If you are hosting an Ask panel or a Q&A, a maximum of six people are allowed to be at the panelist table at the front of the room. This is set in place to not only protect equipment, but to also help with fire code and the safety of your panelists. If you have more than that participating, please consider making the size of your ‘cast’ smaller, or reserving space in the front row for them.
  8. Due to space restraints, dance/movement panels are prohibited for this year.
  9. Q&As and Truth or Dare panels:
    1. Sexual content is prohibited. You cannot ask two people to participate in lewd acts of any nature. Stripping is also prohibited.
    2. Any act that may break or damage any property is prohibited.

Panelist Check-in

Panelist check-in will be held at the information booth. This station will be near the entrance to the hotel, across from the windows that surround the pool. It will have a sign on it (or above it) labeling it as the information booth.

At the information booth you will be given a technology how-to packet. This explains how to use the technology that we have in the room for those that may be unfamiliar with it. If you feel uncomfortable touching the equipment yourself, let us know and we can assist you.

You are REQUIRED to come to panelist check-in. Failure to check-in could result in the cancelation of your panel and other serious consequences. The reason we have panelist check-in is to give us time to replace a panel that doesn’t show up. We WILL assume that if you are more than 15 minutes late to your panel that you are not attending.

You are to report to panelist check-in 30 minutes to an hour BEFORE your panel begins. You may check in earlier than that (provided the information booth is open. It will be open one hour before all programming events). If you are running more than one panel, you may check-in all of them at one. You are required to have your badge and a picture, government issued ID.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your panel, and you have not contacted us via email or the phone number given to you, your panel will be canceled.

For 18+ Panelists: Your panels must be checked-in no later than 10PM.

We encourage you to pre-register to expedite your at-con badge pick up process. Being caught in the registration line will not be an acceptable excuse. You MUST give yourself time to get your badge. If you think this is a problem, please email us and let us know WHY it will be a problem and we will do our best to work with you.

Only people that are listed as a head panelist or co-panelist may check in the panel. If you need someone added as a co-panelist, please email us at

NOTE* If your panel is at 2PM on Friday, 10am or 11am on Saturday, or 10am Sunday, you do have the option of having your pre-registered badge sent to the information booth so that way you are not late to your panel.

Submit your panel here!

After reading the above, please click the link to submit your idea using this google form:

Thank you! We will see you at Amaicon!