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Volunteer to join the A-Team

Do you like Anime? So do we. Do you like to give others a reason to smile? So do we. Do you want to help Amaicon grow? Then you’ve found the right place to start. We are always on the look out for dedicated and motivated volunteers to join our A-Team. We attribute the success of Amaicon to the passion that we get out of everyone on our team. We are all doing this because we love what we do and we’ve chosen to be here.

This page talks about everything you need to know to join the Amaicon A-Team. Our A-Team is a group of volunteers who help during the convention. They are highly visible and will have lots of changes to interact with our attendees, and grow as community leaders.

What kind of work will the A-Team do?

Exceptions exist, but generally we will need help with the following activities.

  1. The Moving Crew. We need help with setting up tables, chairs, and moving equipment. Volunteers on the Moving Crew should be prepared to lift and carry large items, such as folding tables and folding chairs. These activities will take place Before the convention, During the convention, and After the convention.
  2. The Gatekeepers. We will need help checking badges and IDs. Our convention takes place at a hotel and there will always be the possibility of other vistors at the hotel who are not attending Amaicon. To avoid confusion and to help enforce age requirements on 18+ and 21+ panels, we like to have staff placed at the doors to rooms to check for badges (almost always), check IDs (when needed), help answer questions, provide directions, and direct traffic. The Gatekeepers will spend much of their time interacting with convention attendees. These activities will take place During the convention hours.
  3. The Wildcards. We will always need help with other random stuff. There is a popular phrase on job descriptions “miscellaneous duties as assigned”. That’s this group full time. This could include helping to teach people how to play board-games. Taking headcounts of rooms or activities. Supervising activities, raffles, scavenger hunts, or tournaments. Covering breaks for other volunteers. The Wildcards need to have flexible minds and be prepared to adapt to ever changing needs. These activities will take place During convention hours.

A-Team Rewards

  1. You get a 3 day weekend badge to Amaicon.

A-Team Requirements

  1. You must be able to work at least 15 hours over the course of the convention.
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age by the time of the convention. Anyone 17 years of age or younger can only volunteer for Amaicon with consent from your legal guardian.
  3. When you show up at the convention, be prepared to verify your age with a valid form of identification.
  4. You are required to attend the pre-convention staff meeting (typically occurs the day before the con begins)

Detailed Guidelines


We have a google form we use for our application process (the link is below). We will need to collect information and communicate with you before the convention. If you have not applied, you will not be eligible to be a volunteer. You CANNOT show up and volunteer same-day at the convention.


When you show up at the convention and are ready to volunteer, please be prepared to check in with a valid ID that shows your age. This applies to everyone, regardless of your age. If you are 17 years and under, you must also bring written permission from a legal guardian.


We have several meetings to coordinate volunteers, pass on information you need to know and keep everyone ‘in the loop’. There are usually two (or more) meetings; one will be weeks/months in advance and the other will be close to the actual convention date. Remember that you must attend at least two (2) staff meetings. Not only will this keep you in the loop, but we use this to determine who wants to help. We look for volunteers who want to be there. The dates and times of these meetings will be announced beforehand so that you can plan accordingly. Also, all volunteers are required to attend the pre-convention meeting, usually held the day before the convention. If you are unable to attend a meeting, please notify someone in your chain of command as soon as possible.


Please remember that it is your responsibility to know who your supervisor is and to keep in contact with them or other volunteers. No volunteer is an island. Only through communication can we plan for the convention. Please contact someone in your chain of command if there are any changes in your status or if you have any questions or concerns (i.e., unable to attend a meeting, changing contact information, etc.). Also, check your e-mail inbox and the Amaicon facebook and Discord channel frequently – information and updates will be sent and posted regularly.



We do not allow any volunteers to work while wearing attire that can be considred offensive. We encourage our staff to use their best judgement when selecting their wardrobe. We would like to suggest that you be prepared to wear clothing that is mindeful of the fact that you will be working at least part of the day. Note that volunteers might find themselves frequently on their feet for several hours, moving around, sometimes carrying and lifting. You are allowed to cosplay while working; but we ask that you confirm the outfit with your supervisor or department head. Please review our Costume and Cosplay Policy, as well as our Attendee Dress Code Policy. Please contact someone in your chain of command if you have additional questions or would like additional information.


Amaicon does not tolerate disrespect to anyone for any reason at all. Please be prepared to treat everyone with respect and courtesy at all times. If you find that another volunteer is not respecting you, please let a department head know immediately. It takes respect to get respect. We want to provide our volunteers with a healthy work environment. We want you to have fun, and for you to end the weekend with a positive impression of Amaicon.


We encourage you to arrive early enough to prepare for your shift. This might mean showing up a few minutes early and giving yourself a few minutes to get up to speed. We will assign you a shift and assign you to a team. Be prepared to show up for your shift with an orderly apperance. This means to please make sure that your warddrobe is appropreate and that you are rested and in a clear headed state of mind. We understand that convention life can get crazy. If think you are going to be late, notify someone in your chain of command as soon as possible.


No matter which team you end up on, we ask that you be mindful of badges as you go about your work. For security reasons, please make sure to keep an eye on the badges people are wearing. Many of our attendees like to cosplay and might hide a badge in a pocket, but we expect our attendees to be able to present their badges for inspection at any time. If you find someone participating in an event or room without a badge, please kindly inform them that they need a badge with them to particpate in the event, and escort them from the room. If they need a badge, point them toward the Registration desk. Reminder: Attendees do not need a badge to travel down the hallway, only to particpate in an Amaicon room, activity, or event.


We understand that life can happen unexpectedly and that you are a volunteer. If you are unable to fulfill your duties at the con for any reason, we understand. We do ask that you please help us out by letting someone in your chain of command know as soon as possible. Thank you.

How to join the A-Team

If you’ve read everything above and you feel that you are ready to help make Amai great, then we ask you to please fill out the A-Team Volunteer Application and we will be in touch with you!