Registration Handbook – Amaicon

Registration Handbook

Thank you for your interest in Amaicon! This page is going to outline how to get signed up for Amaicon and bring all of the options into one place.

Step 1. Do you want a hotel room?

The Amaicon hours are from 10am to 1am, so you can expect late nights filled with with lots of fun events. Staying at the hotel makes sense if you want to relax and don’t want to drive.

To help our attendees, we’ve introduced the “hotel+ticket” bundles for groups of people who might want to split or share a room. These bundles have a built in discount when compared to purchasing hotel rooms and tickets individually. They are in limited quantity, so we encourage you to sign-up sooner than later. Further details about the bundles can be found on the Badge Information page.

For more information about the location of the hotel, the Amaicon room block rate, or how to sign up for a hotel room, please check out the Hotel Information page.

Step 2. Do you want to enjoy the VIP experience?

A VIP (very important person) experience comes with a list of benefits; such as exclusive convention gear and events. This bundle is great for someone who really wants to secure guest autographs, or wants to have a memorable weekend attending exclusive events. For more information about what you get as a VIP, check out the VIP Information page.

Step 3. What days do you plan to attend?

We will be offering a discounted rate for the 3-day weekend pass during pre-registration. We also wanted to note that during pre-registration the only badge type we sell is an entire 3-day weekend pass. To be clear; Both the 3 day weekend pass and the VIP pass give you access Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you register at-the-door we will have options for a 3-day weekend pass, Friday only, Saturday Only, and Sunday Only badges.

Further details can be found on the Badge Information page.

Step 4. Order your tickets

Once you’ve planned your weekend, you should be ready to Register Now!

If the hotel bundles are sold out, or you’d like to book seperately then you can check out the Hotel Information page.

Please contact us as soon as you can should you have any questions or problems getting your tickets ordered.

Step 5. Check in at the convention to claim your badge

If you pre-register online, then after you register you will be sent a ticket in an email. Bring that ticket to the Registration area at the convention and we will use it to check you in and give you the badge you ordered! We can’t wait to see you at the convention!