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Badges FAQ

What does my badge get me into?

Your badge grants you access into any basic function and event of Amaicon during regularly scheduled hours for the days indicated on your badge. Some activities require a pre-registration fee and/or payment of a separate additional fee.


What is the price for my child?

Children 10 and under are free with the purchase of an adult badge.


Are there events that I will have to pay extra for?

There are no events that require a fee in addition to the Amaicon membership.


What should I do if I lose my badge?

If you lose your badge, you need to return to Registration and purchase a new one. Without a badge, you are not allowed entrance to any Amaicon-related activities or events. You may also check the Con-Ops room to see if your badge was turned in before purchasing a new one.


How much does a lost badge cost to replace?

A replacement fee of $40 is required if you lose your badge. Badges are required to gain entrance into any Amaicon’s activity or event.