Cosplay Masquerade Rules – Amaicon

Cosplay Masquerade Rules


Have a valid Amaicon badge to enter the Masquerade. To contestants that enter online, you are required to show your badge to the at-con check-in location in order to finalize your entry.

You must have a costume to enter the Masquerade. You may enter in Craftsmanship AND present a skit, but you may enter each category only once. If one person makes a group of costumes, all recognition goes to the creator, and the group will be entered as if it was one costume.

If you are entering as a group, you must enter the appropriate class for the most experienced member of the group.

To participate in the Masquerade, you must submit a completed registration form and receive a time for prejudging either by pre-registering or on Saturday of the convention during open registration. Entries are limited so if you really want to be in the show, please enter early. Entries must meet at the designated room for pre-judging for check in within 10 Minutes before their assigned time.

Please note that all Masquerade participants must report to Main Events for line-up and final instruction. You will be informed of this time at check-in. DO NOT BE LATE. If you are late, we may assume you have dropped out and you may be removed from the lineup.

Masquerade Information

There will be eight prizes given out at this year’s Amaicon Cosplay Masquerade, listed below:

  • Best Performance
  • Runner-Up Best Performance
  • Best  Junior
  • Best Novice Craftsmanship
  • Best  Journeyman Craftsmanship
  • Best  Master Craftsmanship
  • Best Craftsmanship

Junior – Contestants 14 and under ONLY. If the contestant wishes to be placed in a higher division, they may. This category is the same for both Performance and Craftsmanship entrants.

Novice – Contestants who have won 1 award or less

Journeyman – Contestants who have received between 2 and 4 awards

Master – Contestants who have received 5 or more awards


Division Rules

Group entries enter the highest eligible division. If any member of your group has won two or more awards you are considered a Journeyman. If multiple people in your group have won awards, but no more than one award each, you are considered a Novice.

If you are not sure what skill division you should be in, or if you have extenuating circumstances, please contact the Cosplay Head.

If you enter into Craftsmanship and Performance, you are eligible to win the skit award as well.

For our purposes, Honorable Mention and Judge’s Choice Awards count as awards. If you have received two prior Honorable Mentions in the same category, you must enter that category at the Journeyman level.

The Cosplay Heads and the Cosplay Judges have the right at any time during the Cosplay event to move an entry to a different skill division, as they see fit.

Craftsmanship Rules

You must have made or modified at least 60% of your costume to be eligible for Craftsmanship judging. Store-bought or commissioned costumes (made for you by someone else) are not eligible Craftsmanship entries.

Craftsmanship entries must provide PRINTED reference images so the judges can thoroughly evaluate your costume fairly even if you’re not in the room. Do not assume the judges will know your character! (They’re good, but not THAT good.) Failure to bring reference images will result in an automatic point deduction. Please bring full body, full color, official images of the character you are cosplaying. These need to show the character wearing the outfit from varying angles and sides.

A group may enter Craftsmanship, and should they win, they’ll share the prize given for winning.

All Craftsmanship participants must be judged Saturday in the designated area. Judging times will be assigned upon entry in blocks based on the allotted time. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled judging time. Open registration will be on the Friday of the convention.

Craftsmanship entries not also in Performance will participate in the Showcase (walk-on). They will do three poses, pausing to let pictures be taken.


Performance Rules

Should a group win a performance award, they’ll share the prize given for winning.

Performances are limited to a maximum time of 5 minutes.

NO LIVE STEEL. Anything that could be mistaken as a realistic weapon must be cleared by our Safety Team as per con guidelines. You must bring all props to rehearsal for approval.

Your performance content, including language and thematic content, must be family friend as Amaicon is a family-friendly event, and the Masquerade will be attended by young children and parents. The Cosplay Head and Cosplay Judges reserve the right to disqualify, modify, or remove a skit they feel is inappropriate.

Please do not leave anything on stage when you exit. If you can’t take it ALL off with you –- glitter, confetti, smoke, Silly String – then don’t use it. We will not return anything left behind, nor are we responsible for anything lost while participating in Amaicon’s Masquerade.

Performance entries must attend a mandatory skit approval on Saturday. If your on-stage presentation deviates from what you showed the cosplay staff at rehearsal, you could be disqualified. We hate to reiterate, but WE DO NOT LIKE SURPRISES! If you want to surprise the audience, go for it. Not us. Staff must have full disclosure as to what will happen onstage.

Stage combat and gymnastics must be approved by the Cosplay Head. Please ask if you have questions; we want your skit to be great, but we also want the temporary stage to stay stable during your skit.

If you wish to use prerecorded audio, attach it to the application. If you have an issues doing so, email Please have your skit audio ready-to-play as one single track.

The Cosplay Head has final say in all circumstances and disputes and may modify rules at any time if necessary.

Just remember to enjoy yourselves on stage and to entertain the audience. This event is not only for you but for them as well. Have fun and be positive!

Final Reminders 

Please be sure to have also read through our Weapons and Cosplay Policies before you submit your application.

Also keep in mind that open registration for the contest at the convention will take place all day Friday and Saturday morning. It will be First Come, First Serve. The easiest way to guarantee your spot in the contest is to pre-register!

If you have read through and understand everything, please fill out our Cosplay Masquerade Application