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Collectible Card Games

The Collectible Card Games (CCG) are a type of game that involve building decks of cards that are used to play with other players. They are called collectable because, unlike a poker deck in which you buy the deck and immediately have all of the cards you need, collectable card games might have hundreds or thousands of cards for you to choose from. But don’t let that intimidate you. You don’t need all of those cards, those are just options provided so that you can build and customize the deck you want to use to best fit your playstyle. The method to aquire new cards will vary from game to game, but as a player you have the freedom to collect the cards you want to use in your deck. That said; to get new players started many of the more popular franchises have prebuilt “starter decks” that come with everything you need to play.

If you’ve never seen a CCG before, you will find that they come in many different styles and feature a wide range of settings and artwork; everything from Fantasy to Sci-Fi to Anime. In many cases the rules and mechanics will vary slightly from game to game – but as you experience different CCG you will find that there are common ideas used in almost every game. CCG are typically less “roll of the dice/random outcome” and typically favor elements of strategy and skill; meaning these are games where your choices do matter. As with many skill based games on the market, these games are easy to learn but can take some practice to master. Most of the CCG that we will be playing at Amaicon will be 1 player vs 1 player, so if you have never played before and are interested in getting started – bring a friend! Then you can learn how to play together and take your new decks home and continue to play.

The CCG area is sponsored by Guardian Games Indy. They will be helping us to run games and tournaments.

You can check them out on Facebook:

We offer the following activities in 2018

  • Learn to play
  • Tournament play
  • Free play

Learn to play

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we are going to set aside time each day to teach a game to any attendee who wishes to learn. The schedule will list the specific times, but we will be teaching the rules to the following collectible card games; Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh

Tournament play

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will be hosting tournaments for the following collectible card games; Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh

Free play

Any attendee is welcome to come and play any collectable card game. At this point in time, Amaicon does not have a library of collectable card games. You are welcome to play anything you bring.

The room is officially open the following hours during the convention

Friday; 10am to 1am
Saturday; 10am to 1am
Sunday; 10am to 4pm

2018 TCG Event Schedule

You can also find the searchable schedule here.


Q: Does Amaicon have a library of collectible card games for us to use?
A: Not at this time. If you want to play, you need to bring your own cards.

Q: I’m new to card games, where can I get cards?
A: Our sponsors, will be selling cards and decks at Amaicon. If you want to pick up cards ahead of Amaicon, some retail stores and almost every specialty game store will carry a selection you can choose from.

Q: Will you help me win?
A: Yes.