Cosplay Events – Amaicon

Cosplay Events

Thank you for your interest in cosplay! Here are some of the main events we will be hosting at Amaicon 2018.

All Ages

Cosplay Masquerade

  • Calling all cosplayers and skit performers! Come compete to win some sweet prizes for all of the hardwork you put in on your costumes.
  • Cosplay creators, be sure to check out our Craftsmanship competition. In this competition, our judges will be looking for how you recreated an outfit worn by a fictional character. They will be looking specifically for technique, so be sure to work hard and put for best foot forward.
  • Have a passion for the stage? Then consider signing up for the Performance competition. Our judges will looking for those who engage the audience as well as putting on an all-around good show. So whether it be a dance, skit, or special skill, bring your best costume and your favorite shoes to show us what you got!
  • Break out your sewing machines and start practicing to snatch the best in show awards at this year’s Cosplay Masquerade!

Crossplay Ball

  • Crossplayers, now is your time to shine! The Crossplay Ball is a cosplay competition for those with specialize in the art of crossplay, or dressing as a character with a different than the gender you identify as.
  • Break out your favorite contour palate because the name of the game is illusion. Our judges will be looking for the one who sells their cosplay the best, so be sure to brush up on your makeup skills to give yourself an edge in this competition. Since we’re looking for the best illusion, there is no requirement to make your costume for this competition. So, bought or commissioned costumes are welcome.
  • This competition will have both a walk-on and performance portion. For the walk-on portion, you will walk across our stage and strike three poses to showcase your costume. This is an opportunity to get in character, so be sure to think about what poses you will do in advance. If you have a flair for the theatrical, then try your hand at our performance section. This part of the show will be your chance to showcase your talent whether it be an instrument, dance, or even juggling. The sky is the limit!
  • Bring your skits, your cosplay and your best ability to change from one gender to the other as you compete to prove that you are the top Anime Crossplayer in Indiana!



  • All questions about the Cosplay Masquerade or Crossplay Ball can be directed to!


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