Cosplay Guest

At Amaicon 2018, our Cosplay Guests are leaders within our cosplay community. They participate in judging for the cosplay events.  They host panels about how to get started with cosplay, makeup, creating costumes, and all thing cosplay. We enjoy finding cosplay guests who are obviously passionate about anime and the characters they are portraying.

We are proud to announce Megan Derwich!

Megan Derwich (AKA Unseen Cosplay) is a cosplay maker and 3D printer hailing from Detroit, Michigan. With 10 years of experience in costume making, she encourages new polymers and technology in cosplay making.  She has been featured in League of Legends Spotlight and is noted for her League cosplays.  Along with being a Plastics Engineer, Megan owns her own 3D printing business ( and manages to find time to stream on twitch ( She takes pride in supporting the cosplay community by promoting positive body image and keeping a positive attitude, even after working on her more frustrating projects.  Her costumes mostly focus on video games such as League of Legends and Overwatch, but there are always the beloved anime characters thrown in here and there.

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