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Cosplay Guest

At Amaicon 2018, our Cosplay Guests are leaders within our cosplay community. They participate in judging for the cosplay events.  They host panels about how to get started with cosplay, makeup, creating costumes, and all thing cosplay. We enjoy finding cosplay guests who are obviously passionate about anime and the characters they are portraying.

Megan Derwich (AKA Unseen Cosplay) is a cosplay maker and 3D printer hailing from Detroit, Michigan. With 10 years of experience in costume making, she encourages new polymers and technology in cosplay making.  She has been featured in League of Legends Spotlight and is noted for her League cosplays.  Along with being a Plastics Engineer, Megan owns her own 3D printing business and manages to find time to stream on twitch. She takes pride in supporting the cosplay community by promoting positive body image and keeping a positive attitude, even after working on her more frustrating projects.  Her costumes mostly focus on video games such as League of Legends and Overwatch, but there are always the beloved anime characters thrown in here and there.


SakuraShounen is a local Indiana cosplayer, artist, and amateur tailor. They have been making costumes for 4 years now, and began cosplaying after going to their first convention. One of their favorite things to do is add details to make their costumes unique and stand out. They are very excited to be invited to Amaicon this year, and look forward to running their first cosplay panels!

Ragdoll Prince began cosplaying back in 2010; it was all pieced together from what they already owned, but since they always had a deep love for Halloween and fashion, they figured that cosplay felt like the obvious next step! Paradise Kiss had always really inspired them and once they started to cosplay, it really cemented their desire to create their own costumes. In 2011, they tentatively ventured into sewing and have been picking up speed ever since. Having entered over a dozen competition and winning several awards, Ragdoll Prince is excited for their opportunity to take their knowledge and share it with everyone at Amaicon!



Lacey Barker, aka Golden Auriel, is a cosplayer and costume maker hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. She has over 10 years of sewing and costuming experience, most notably working in the workshops of Carnegie Mellon and CAPA Pittsburgh, working on costumes for various shows and operas. As a cosplayer, Lacey primarily focuses on the art of “crossplay,” and embraces androgyny and gender nonconformity in her costumes and hopes to encourage a new age of gender expression in the cosplay community. She finds a lot of enjoyment creating original designs of inhuman characters, as well as cosplaying flashy pretty boys, and villains/characters that are typically hated by their respective fandoms. You can find more of her work below!

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