Crossplay Guests – Amaicon

Crossplay Guests

At Amaicon 2018, our Crossplay Guests are local legends. They participate in judging for the Crossplay Masquerade.  They host panels about how to get started with drag, cosplay, and finding your own identity in the community.

Hey ya’ll!! Welcome to the stage, Kenny Getitup Edwards! Kenny is the Drag King alter ego of Eden Sitayu. The “con dad” if you will. Kenny is a lovable prick, but will stick up for you at the drop of a hat! He always has band-aids and brass-knuckles. He’s super protective of his con children, (and drag sons!!). Kenny has performed with Project X Burlesque, Maella Cai Vain at Punk Rock Night, as well as Zonies Closet open stage!! Kenny is known for quick change makeup and costume. Both Kenny and Eden have been seen in the same show! Kenny will be performing the Amaicons Drag Show 2018, AND be your Drag King judge for the Cross-play contest!