Hall of Vendors

The hall of Vendors, sometimes called the Vendor hall, is a large room where vendors have gathered to sell special interest merchandise to the attendees at Amaicon. For Amaicon, that means there will be a large amount of Anime, Manga, or similar special interest merchandise available.

Here is the types of merchandise you can expect to find at Amaicon 2018.

  • Anime apparel
  • Anime DVDs/Blueray
  • Anime home & office goods
  • Manga
  • Plushies
  • Posters/Wallscrolls
  • Pins
  • Phone straps
  • Backpacks
  • Ita-bags
  • Kigurumis
  • Nendoroids
  • Gunpla / Gundum models
  • Foam LARPing swords
  • Cosplay accessories
  • Blind boxes
  • There will also be 18+ merchandise, which requires a valid ID to purchase.