Scavenger Hunt – Amaicon

Scavenger Hunt

Over Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Amaicon will be running a series of Scavenger Hunts for attendees. Find stuff. Win prizes.

The Great Amai Scavenger Hunt

There will be 3 Scavenger hunts per day!

The Hunt starts in the Board Game room.

Complete the scavenger hunt to earn tickets!

Use tickets to win prizes! 1 Large Prize, 3 Medium Prizes, 5 Small Prizes PER DAY!

Visit the Amaicon Booth near Vendors to turn in your tickets.

Earn more tickets by going to other events throughout the convention!


Amaicon staff can play but cannot enter to win prizes.

What do you need?

Most of these are are photo scavenger hunts. You will need a camera to participate.

A valid Amiacon 2018 badge.

We also recommend a pen or pencil

What if i miss the scavenger hunt one day?

We will keep out the scavenger hunts from previous days, while supplies last. Ie. Friday will have 3 from Friday. Saturday will have 3 from Saturday and any remaining from Friday. etc

For more information about the prizes, check out the Raffle page.