VIP Mixer – Amaicon

VIP Mixer

Our VIP Mixer is a VIP exclusive event. The Mixer is a chance for you to mingle in an informal setting with our VIP guests.

What do I need to get in?

You need an Amaicon VIP Badge. Bring it with you, so that you can show it at the door.

What sorts of activities will be going on?

Anime is our passion and has brought many of us together. This is your chance to talk to the people who share your passion and get to know them.

Leave formality at the door. Take a minute to look past our day jobs and get to know each other as people and fans.

At the Mixer, you will have the chance to informally talk to anyone in attendance, including VIPs, Guests, Staff.

Can I bring stuff for autographs from Guests?

No. Our guests will be holding autographs at other times and VIPs can fastpass their way through those lines. We ask that you avoid asking for an autograph during the VIP mixer.

Can I cosplay during the event?


Will there be snacks?