Amaicon Drag Show! Crossplay Runway



The Crossplay Runway will be a showcase of the cosplayers skill set for walk, dress, and makeup abilities. Anybody of all ages can enter the competition. As a crossplay competition, we’re looking to see how people are able to turn the tables and be someone completely different, aka, cosplay a character a different gender than they are.

Pre-Judging: Hours(tbd) before the event, all competitors will meet at (tbd) to stand for the judges. They will be critiqued on their makeup skills, hair, and cosplay. This will be a point based scoring and majority of point will be made during this time. **Bonus/ additional point will be going for walk during runway based on how they look on the runway as well as their walk on the runway itself (from entering to exit).


Rules/Policies: first and foremost, this is a respectful competition by Cosplayers alike. We are one in the same and discrimination or unfriendliness of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification. This is also a CROSSPLAY competition meaning males as female characters and vice versa. All competitors will follow Amaicon rules and regulations while in the hotel. All Crossplay competitors must keep their clothing within policy as well. Nudity is not allowed. Feet and sexualized body parts also must be covered at all times. Cosplay itself CAN be store bought or made. **Handmade crossplay competitors may receive additional points for doing so. Outfit must be recognizable and identical to photo examples (cannot be an original character or a non-cannon outfit)