Amaicon Drag Show! Drag Competition


Overview: generally speaking, it will be a drag show for both a King and Queen Category. Participants will be judged on both makeup and dress skills (pre-judging) as well as their act (dancing, singing, etc).

What Will Happen: the participants, while dressed in drag, will take the stage for their performance (maxing out at 5 minutes). Then immediately leave the stage. Judging will be done while the performance happens. Deliberation will happen directly after. Announcement for winners will be made during announcements of cosplay competition.

Pre-Judging: Before the event, all competitors will meet at (designated location) to stand for the judges. They will be critiqued on their makeup skills, hair, and dress. This will be a point based scoring and ½ of all points will be made during this time.

Rules/Policies: First and foremost, this is a respectful competition. Discrimination or unfriendliness of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification.

-All competitors will follow Amaicon rules and regulations while in the hotel.

-All competitors must keep their clothing within policy.

-Nudity is not allowed.

– Feet and sexualized body parts also must be covered at all times.

-There is no policy no what is and is not allowed for clothing, however, this is a family-friendly event and decisions on what is acceptable attire will go through director of the event.

-All music and music types are allowed however must be family-friendly and edited to be be so.

-Competitors can either sing and/or dance in the competition.

-All dancing is allowed however cannot be heavily explicit. Determination on what will be allowed will be determined by the director.

-Competitors may walk off stage into the audience however cannot touch anybody.

-Audience members cannot catcall or physically touch any of the performers. Doing so will result in immediate removal from the show and probably loss in badge.

Application Process and write-out

-Birth first and last name (for safety reasons and will not be used in any other format)

-Prefered name

-Drag name (what will be announced on stage)

– 2 Photos of what will be worn (front and back full body)

-email address

-phone number

-Submission on music in MP3 format (edited)

-Submission of dance and /or song

Point system /100 and announcement

-50points during prejudging

–Makeup /25

–Clothing /15

–Hair /10

-50points during Show

–determination for all point during this portion will be 100% made by the judges on how the performers should be critiqued. No two dances or songs are the same so no grading system would be equal. Points between the judges will be averaged.

***to keep competition as fair as possible, those whose drag and assigned genders coincide must follow only one additional policy in that they must follow same adherences as their fellow queens and kings for dress. Specifically speaking, kings and queens cannot use their actual sexualized organs in competition. Example: for someone who is going to stage as a Queen, identify as male, however was assigned female at birth, must bind their chest first and use a fake breast set or “stuff”. Someone who was assigned male at birth, identify as female, however are going on stage as a King, must tuck first and use a fake pack or “stuff”. This is not to deter or make competition harder for transgender people or those who fall outside the normalized binary, but to simply keep competition fair for all those who enter.