Attendee Policy – Amaicon

Attendee Policy

Scope of policy; The following Code of Conduct applies to all attendees, Amaicon staff, Amaicon volunteers, Guest Speakers, Artists and Vendors.


Dress Code Policy

Regardless of if you decide to cosplay or not (see the cosplay policy for more specifics) Your wardrobe must comply with the following guidelines.

  1. Your outfit cannot show less than what a typical swimsuit covers (standard bikini,trunks, etc)
  2. Nipples must be covered for all attendees. Opaque tape may be used.
  3. Metal is permitted on clothing as long as it is not pointy or sharp in any way and does not extend more than 2 inches from your body.. If it is dangerous or destructive, it is not permitted.
  4. Clothing that contains explicit imagery or any type of offensive or inappropriate messages is not permitted.

No-Harassment Policy

Harassment of any kind is not permitted. Harassment is defined as any type of bullying, physical contact, or rude remarks that results in the physical or emotional distress of another person. Situations in which harassment occurs are taken very seriously, and will result in action being taken. Action can include a verbal warning, an immediate revocation of all badges/passes, and being escorted out of the convention space. Amaicon Staff are available at all times to deal with situations of harassment.

No Solicitation Policy

No solicitation, signage, or advertisement is permitted on hotel property. Amaicon has areas designated for the buying and selling of merchandise including the Hall of Vendors and the Hall of Artists. Any type of solicitation at the convention that is not been authorized by Amaicon is expressly prohibited.


Property Damage Agreement

As part of your purchase of a pass and/or attendance of the event, you wholly agree to the following agreement:

I agree to respect the Wyndham property, and its surrounding grounds. I agree that both Amaicon and Wyndham, its staff, affiliates, and officers have the right to demand payment for any damage I make to the facilities, products or grounds of the Wyndham Hotel property. I also agree that if Amaicon or Wyndham deem it necessary, that I will release my passes (if any have been provided to me) to Amaicon on request, and I will be removed from the Wyndham grounds.

Hate Speech or Bullying Agreement

As part of your purchase of a pass/attendance at the event, you wholly agree to the following:

I understand that Amaicon is considered a safe, accepting space for all. As such, I understand that I am not authorized to make any hateful speech putting down a person (in attendance or not), or bully another person at the event. I understand that, if I choose to violate this agreement that I may be warned, and further violations will result in Amaicon requiring I relinquish my passes (if I have been provided any) without refund, and removal from the convention areas.


Attendance Release

As part of your purchase of a pass and/or attendance of the event, you wholly agree to the following release:

I recognize that there are certain inherent risks associated with attending the event. I hereby RELEASE and DISCHARGE all responsibilities of Amaicon, its staff, affiliates, volunteers and proprietors from all responsibility of loss, damage, theft, or injury (including death) occurring as a result of my, or my family’s attendance, presence or participation in the event. I agree to Indemnify and Defend Amaicon against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgements, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may, in any way, arise from my attendance, presence or participation in the event.

Photography Release

At Amaicon, our social media team will be taking pictures, video and audio recordings throughout the day. By attending the event, you wholly agree to the following photography release:

I understand that there will be video, audio and picture recording devices active owned by Amaicon and their affiliates recording the event. I hereby RELEASE my likeness and voice to be used in advertisement, discussion and any other materials deemed necessary as a result of being recorded at the event.