Children Policy – Amaicon

Children Policy

Amaicon works hard to provide an environment safe for all ages. We have a few guidelines and policies in place to help ensure that your child’s time at Amaicon will be a story that is told with a big smile. 

Scope: For these policies, this applies to any child that is 12 or younger. Parents, feel free to use any of these policies for children older than 12 at your discretion.


Children 10 and under will be given a free badge with the purchase of an adult badge. See the badge information for more details about the adult badges.



A parent or legal guardian must accompany any and all children under the age of 12 at all times. No exceptions.



We strongly encourage children to carry some form of ID and the contact information of their parent/guardian with them at all times. This will allow the Amaicon staff to contact the parent/guardian should the need arise.



Do not leave your child unattended. The convention space is large and there are lots of corners and rooms that a child can enter which break line of sight. In the event there is a crowd, your child does not have to travel far before they become difficult to see.

The Wyndamn hotel does not have any kind of public announcement system. We are unable to page your child, or page for you, in the event that you and your child become separated.

Make sure your child knows or is carrying information they need to find you if you accidentally become separated. It can be useful for the Amaicon staff to locate you if your child can provide us with your name, a description of what you are wearing, if you are staying at the hotel and (as mentioned above) your contact information, such as a phone number.