Costume and Cosplay Policy – Amaicon

Costume and Cosplay Policy

Cosplay rules and policies

You don’t have to compete to cosplay! Amaicon invites attendees to wear their costumes or favorite anime gear around the con. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, please observe the following. Please note that these rules apply to ALL ATTENDEES, whether or not you are actually wearing a costume!


  • Your cosplay must include appropriate footwear. You cannot have bare feet in the event area.
  • Your cosplay cannot include explicit imagery, offensive or inappropriate messages, or any type of degrading or hate speech.
  • Your cosplay cannot include any dangerous materials or edges. Metal can be used as long as it is dull edged and does not extend more than 2 inches from your person.
  • Your cosplay must cover as much as a normal bathing suit would cover (standard bikini, trunks, etc).
  • Nipples must be covered at all times for all persons. Opaque tape may be used.
  • Your cosplay should not obstruct the view of another attendee during an event or panel. If it does, you may be asked by staff to relocate.


Any and all cosplay props that could be described or identified as a weapon must be inspected and approved by Amaicon Security personnel prior to being carried or displayed in public areas.

Acceptable use

Misuse of a prop, such as swinging it around in a public area or doing anything that might pose a hazard to others, will result in the prop being deemed unsafe for the convention. At which point you will be asked to remove it from the event area immediately.


Any props that have explicit themes or would be considered offensive or inappropriate for a general audience are not permitted.

Amaicon staff reserves the right to make final judgment calls on what is “decent” and what is not. If staff feels that your costume is indecent or inappropriate in any way, you will be asked to change or cover it.


Costumes or Props made from metallic material will not be permitted. This includes (but is not limited to), Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, Iron, Lead, etc. Metal is permissible as as long as it is being used to bind other permitted materials together and the metal binding is not sharp, pointy or dangerous in any way.

Flammable materials such as candles, fireworks, sparklers, liquid fuels, or other fire hazards are strictly prohibited.

Your prop should not shed. Avoid loose materials such as sand, glitter, confetti, flower petals or other items that are designed to fall, scatter or otherwise separate from your costume.


No costume or prop is allowed to have any sharp edge that might be hazardous or dangerous. The Amaicon Security will make the determination about if edges are safe.

Size restrictions

All props must be able to be moved by two people or fewer.

All props must be less than 6 ft 6 inches (approx 2 meters) tall.

Realistic looking fake weaponry

Reminder; these need to be inspected by Amaicon Security.

All fake weaponry must have a neon orange tip on the barrel at all times.

Any gun, firearm or projectile props must have their firing mechanism disabled or the barrel must be disabled with glue or a similar not easily removable substance

Projectile weapons & Converted firearms

Reminder; these need to be inspected by Amaicon Security.

Any weapon that can fire a projectile of any kind is not permitted. This includes (but is not limited to) Airsoft, Foam, Liquid, Confetti, Rubberband, Replica Firearms, Blowguns.


The throwing of any prop is not permitted. This includes glitter or confetti.


Firearms of any kind are not permitted anywhere in the hotel or event space. Anyone found to be carrying a firearm will be asked to leave the premises with the weapon.

Smoking and/or Vaping

Smoking and Vaping are not permitted inside the hotel.

Prop Weapons purchased from the Vendor Hall

If you purchase a weapon that you want to use with your cosplay, you must leave it in the original packaging and the weapon must remain peace-bonded until it has been inspected by the Amaicon Security staff.

What if my prop does not pass the Amaicon Security inspection?

Amaicon will not store your prop, you must return it to your car or hotel room immediately.

Failure to abide by Cosplay Policy

The first time you will be taken to the Amaicon Security to have your prop checked. The second time your pass will be revoked.

The Director of Amaicon Rules Enforcement can render final say on the acceptability of any costume or prop.