Panels Policy – Amaicon

Panels Policy

For anyone curious about what the “dos” and “don’ts” of appropreate panel subjects, here are some of the guidelines that Amaicon uses to determine appropreate Panel topics. 

We will not select a panel that includes the following:

  1. Food
  2. Liquids (of any Viscosity)
  3. Confetti, Glitter or any similar material.
  4. Functional Weaponry
  5. Full Nudity
  6. Smoking or Vaping

We will not permit the following subjects to be the focus of a panel:

  1. Illegal materials, services, goods or activities (We do not allow the promotion of illegal activities at Amaicon)
  2. Buy/Sell Panels (We have a Hall of Vendors)
  3. Photoshoot Panels (we have a photo room and scheduled photoshoots)
  4. Gaming Tournament Panels (we have a game room)
  5. Promotion of Hate, Exclusion, or Bullying. (We welcome everyone)