What is Amaicon?

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Amaicon is Indiana’s newest fan-run anime convention. Most of the staff starting this have worked at other conventions over the years and a few have helped run some as well. We have the help and guidance of our friends over at Anime Crossroads to help lead us to success.

We don’t want to be just another anime convention though. We have plans to bring different experiences. From a Friday School Day offering a chance for school groups to come in and experience it with more closely monitored programming to new programming that we haven’t seen in a convention yet ourselves, this is sure to be a new experience for many.

We are still going to have the staples of any convention though including guests, a dealers room, Saturday dance, and many other things.

Come join us on Facebook here and here as we grow. We are taking idea’s and suggestions directly from our fans! Amai is never going to stop, the train has started so climb on board for this ride!


Please direct any questions for now to conchair@amaicon.com

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