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Hey everyone! Apparently it’s been a while. I thought making pages made posts 🙁 I was wrong. At this time we are working on revamping the website and making it pretty. I’m also working on getting a persont o ensure we are updated regularly. If you haven’t joined our Facebook Group or liked our Facebook page you may have missed out because EVERYTHING is posted there regularly and I don’t want anyone to miss anything. So without further ado ONTO ALL THE ANNOUNCEMENTS THAT WERE MISSED HERE!

School Day Event!!!

Are you in school? Does your school have an anime club? Well we are offering a special initiative for you to come on Friday. We are offering special rate for a single day badge as well as special panels to help keep it educational(like the schools want) and fun for you!


Amaicon Drag Show! Crossplay Contest!

The Crossplay Runway will be a showcase of the cosplayers skill set for walk, dress, and makeup abilities. Anybody of all ages can enter the competition. As a crossplay competition, we’re looking to see how people are able to turn the tables and be someone completely different, aka, cosplay a character a different gender than they are.


Hotel! 2 3-day Badges to first 50 rooms booked.

We’ve booked around 30 rooms so get it now before its gone.



Check out our guests page! We have Youtuber CDawgVA. Cosplayer Unseen Death. Drag King Abs Hart. Voice Actor Nicolas Roye. And we aren’t done yet!



This Friday at GenCon we will be announcing a special event! Come visit us in the Anime section.


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